jon detwiler | bhd+b designer


Berks Homes Design+Build is family owned and operated company that is dedicated to providing families in South Eastern Pennsylvania quality built, well designed residential remodeling and custom homes.

Jon Detwiler is the in-house architectural designer at Berks Homes Design+Build.  Jon works hand in hand with his brother in-law Ben Horning, project manager and company president, to form a “dynamic duo” in creating a synergetic flow between the design and construction of all residential projects they engage.

Jon is married to Katie Detwiler, the director of operations, at Berks Homes and daughter to LaVern Horning, the owner of Berks Homes.   If you would like more information about our company, please check out our main website or stop on by.  If your lucky, you may even get a chance to be greeted by Patsy Horning (LaVern’s wife) and try one of her famous chocolate chip cookies that she regularly bakes for the office.   Oh yeah, she works here too!

  1. This builder hires substandard workers. They pay them low wages and then they pass it on to the customer whose stuck paint the mortgage. It’s inferior work. Berks gives the affect that they care if you the customer experience multiple problems as well as major problems. This is a given. They spit and blow a big wind. It appears that couples who have bought in the neighborhood have moved out within 2 to 3 years after purchasing from Berks. What you see is not what you get. If your premise in life is to walk away from trouble, then continue shopping. There are good builders in Chester County and Berks County, be patient and research them.

    • Unfortunately, it appears the comment above has been directed at the incorrect organization. Our company, BH Design + Build has never worked with this client on a project, therefore the negative feedback given is misguided. Berks Homes Inc. is separate organization and does not share ownership interest. If you have any additional questions or concerns about this matter, feel free to contact me directly at 610-628-0441, ext. 1. Thanks!

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