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Front Entry Storage

In Front Entry, Shelving/Storage on August 15, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Here are some great examples of simple, functional systems to store your items when you first walk in your home.  What is great about these pieces is that they don’t sacrifice form for function. 

Multiple pieces by Will Ullman. These are great for entrances with or without a formal foyer.

Will Ullman designed a phone/key nook into this piece.  Another great feature about this rack is that it is made of reclaimed wood.

The “Honest Abe” by Mike Cheung at  This is a humble piece made of American Black Walnut is cut at a cross-section that shows the beautiful strata in the wood.  Each hook is hand bent and welded.

Here is the Portemanteau by Marina Bautier.  A humble piece made of oak.  The main plank is held off the wall with a smaller plank to create a mail slot.

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